Emma Hyman Creative Strategist & Planner

Drink to Remember

Problem: College students drink, drink, and then drink some more. Its an established norm


Objective: Create a campaign to promote healthy drinking habits


Single most compelling idea: Drink smarter, party harder


Strategy: Create an app that allows college students to track their BAC level in a socially cool and incentive way

Drink to Remember // App walk-through

Idea - competition sponsored by Budweiser


 A sponsored playlist on Spotify that would feature party music with advertisements reminding listeners to drink smarter and party harder



Team up with a brewery to create The Remembeer. A lower alcoholic beer for those who want to drink without getting as drunk






Art Direction: Esther Knox


Copy and Animation: Joseph McRobert


Creative Conceptor: Me and Mac Mullen


Strategy: Angelica Luchini


Account Management: Jenna Force

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