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An American Booksellers Association + Netflix collaboration

Problem: Print books are becoming less popular and less frequently used because reading tablets and smart phones have become more relevant


Objective: Get people to buy more print books


Single most compelling idea: No one knows you better than your Netflix Feed


Strategy: Personalized recommendations for books that will be sent to you based on your Netflix queue

Feedread has the ability to integrate itself without disruption into users Netflix account. Feedread will have its own tab at the top of the Netflix home screen, where users can find their personalized book recommendations based off the content they are watching.


They can sign up to have books sent to them weekly or monthly directly to their home, all based of the content they are watching on their Netflix account.



After watching a show, users will have a small window that suggests books based off the content they just watched. Additionally, users can just click on different shows and have a Feedread drop down window appear.



Feedread will have a separate website from Netflix where users can interact and find out more information. Here they can search specific shows or books and find more indepth reviews.


Additionally, users can find out what their favorite actors and directors are reading at the moment.

Media & Strategy // Me


Art Direction // Lina Rode


Copy // Kate Rohrich

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